3 organizations in Syracuse that promote safe spaces for the LGBTQ community

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Although Pride Month is over, LGBTQ advocacy and support organizations in Syracuse offer community activities and resources year round. The Daily Orange has compiled a list of resources, most with events and in-person advice, that Syracuse University students in the LGBTQ community can use on campus in the fall.

The Q Center

The Syracuse Q Center, located at 835 Hiawatha Blvd and operated by ACR Health, is one of three Q Centers in New York City. The center provides safe spaces for LGBTQ youth and offers a variety of free services to adolescents and young adults, such as free testing for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. The Q Center also offers cultural skills workshops for police and fire departments and support groups for LGBTQ youth and families.

The Q Center adapted its core programs early in the pandemic to ensure online accessibility by offering virtual support groups and meeting spaces, said Stephen Simone, head of youth, family and services. to education at the Q Center. Virtual meetings were created to help attendees deal with feelings of isolation, Simone said.

Now, sixteen months after the start of the pandemic, the center is hosting in-person events, starting with a few in-person activities per week.


“We’re going to continue a bit slowly,” said Simone. “We’re not just going to turn on the floodgates, (and) deploy in person to make sure we’re safe, and our youth and young adults who come to Q are also safe. We hope to return to a better sense of normalcy. “

You can find more information about the Q Center and its resources at its website.

Syracuse University Pride Union

The Syracuse University Pride Union is a student organization that fosters a community for LGBTQ students on campus. The organization hosts bi-weekly meetings as well as several events throughout the academic year, including an annual drag show and Chalk the Quad, where members decorate the quad and the ride with art at the chalk and positive messages.

When the pandemic started, the union moved most of its events to a virtual format. By the time he hosted his annual Pride Union Drag Show last spring, the event was in person with a hybrid of in-person audience and Zoom.

Diego Luna, vice president of Pride Union, said the organization has organized other hybrid events towards the end of the semester and students who feel comfortable attending in person can attend. Pride Union is working to return to fully face-to-face meetings this semester, Luna said.

“We haven’t been able to do a lot of things that we could do before,” said Luna. “Real SU drag and pride bingo, these had to be done online, and sure enough it was always fun, but it was just a little different.”

League Pride Union President Leilah Miller and Vice President Diego Luna.

League Pride Union President Leilah Miller (left) and Vice President Diego Luna host events and meetings for the Syracuse LGBTQ community throughout the year.

Courtesy of Union Pride League

More information about Pride Union can be found on its Instagram page.

BlackCuse Pride

Founded by Rahzie Seals in the early 2010s, BlackCuse Pride is a local organization that works to create a safe and supportive community for people of color in the LGBTQ community.

“We really want gay people of color to have a voice in this city, and that includes the students who may not really be living in this city full time, but they are here and they need to be safe,” said Seals at DO. in 2018. “Safe doesn’t necessarily mean immune to physical damage. They need to have a place where they feel comfortable.

In partnership with CNY Pride, BlackCuse Pride has created a new LGBTQ Resource Center in the Syracuse area in 2020. In addition to its community advocacy efforts, BlackCuse Pride hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as open mic poetry nights and “The Soul of Pride Cookout,” that the organization hosted this pride month that people could spend time together while eating at a local park.

More information on BlackCuse Pride can be found on its Instagram and Facebook pages.

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