AMAC polls: Candidates encouraged to accept election result in good faith

Leaders of various political parties gathered to encourage candidates who contested the just-concluded presidential elections for the AMAC City Council to accept the results in good faith.

This call was made at a press conference by a coalition of political parties in Abuja.

Nigeria’s political climate is extremely difficult because every candidate approaches the race with a “winner takes all” approach.


Analysts believe it has to do with the financial commitments they make, which becomes a wasted investment if they lose.

The Nation’s political environment is encouraging, making it easy for politicians to employ all forms of tactics to win.

That’s why a group of politicians came together to raise awareness about the need for politics to be clean and based on patriotism, leadership by example and not taking the law into your own hands.

Party leaders who ran for FCT Presidential elections converged in Abuja.

One of the candidates, Eric Ibe, urged the others to take in good faith the judgment of the court which ruled in favor of the APC candidate, Murtala Usman Karshi, as the winner of the February 12, 2022 elections.

They urged the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Christopher Zakka Maikalangu, to accept defeat and move on for peace to prevail.

Politicians were encouraged to channel their energy into new strategies that will help them win future elections.

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