Banks use finance to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental development

The world relies on international finance working for a fairer monetary system for people, atmosphere and tradition with particular attention to sustainability, climate change and social justice. This month of July Fintech forums we focus on moral finance/moral banking, consists of environmentally and socially responsible practices.

this European Parliament’his last choice to accompany his projects in European fees Labeling investments in nuclear fuels and energy as “ecologically sustainable” has been heavily criticized by some critics, calling it “a riddance to marketers imagining within the framework of the ecological transition”.

By Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) The choice is “a blow to the credibility of his dedication to the fight against the local weather disaster”. we had a talk Sonia FelipeThe GABV Communications and Publicity Manager will receive additional information on their views on the choice of community and parliament.

Sonia Felipe, GABV
Sonia, What is World Alliance for Values ​​Banking?

The World Alliance for Banking on Values ​​is a community of impartial banks that use finance to achieve sustainable financial, social and environmental growth. Our goal is to broaden and strengthen the application of values-based banking and pave the way for a clearer monetary system that promotes social equity, responding to the local climate emergency and ensuring prosperity. and real and lasting well-being for all.

Integrity, human dignity and environmental safety are at the heart of the actions of our member banks. For example, they lead the transformation of banking and finance in their communities, locations and international areas and expand their reach and impact by helping others change.

Tell us more about your members

GABV was founded in 2009 by 10 member banks and now has 68 members in 40 international locations in Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. Collectively, we serve 60 million customers, have over $200 billion in mixed assets under administration, and are supported by our 80,000 colleagues. There are 4 member banks in the UK: Triodos Financial institution UK, Charity Financial institution, Ecobuilding
Company and lately, Union Belief Financial institution.

  • Financial institution Triodos is a pioneer in sustainable banking in Europe with workplaces in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain and Germany and more than 700,000 customers. Founded in 1980, the mission of the financial institution Triodos is to help create a society that protects and supports the standard of living and human dignity for all. The Triodos financial institution focuses its actions on three main themes: Environmental, Cultural and Social. Collectively, they cover a variety of industries, from renewable energy, natural agriculture and social housing to retail, charities and education. British Bristol-based Triodos Bank manages the entire property of over £1.6 billion and a credit score guide of over £1 billion and serves 85,000 customers.
  • The Ecology Constructing Society is dedicated to building a greener society by offering mortgages for properties and tasks that help environmentally friendly and sustainable communities, funded through simple and clear financial savings accounts . From beginning as a group of like-minded people dedicated to building a more sustainable future, it remains the same kind of establishment that helps fund green building renovations and promote sustainable growth. Founded in 1981, the company has a total property of £256.3 million, handles gross loans of £69.4 million and serves 12,000 members.
  • The Charitable Financial Institution is a financial lending and savings financial institution that is owned and dedicated to supporting the social sector. It was created in 2002 to help charities and social enterprises with loans and to provide people with financial savings in line with their values. Since 2002, it has used savers’ money to make over 1,100 loans totaling over £400million for housing, school, social care, groups and other social functions. He manages the entire £312m property.
  • The financial institution Unity Belief offers specialist banking services to trade unions, charities and different organizations working within non-profit and for-profit businesses in the UK. Founded in 1984; Its head office is located in Birmingham. For over 35 years, the financial institution has served organizations to thrive and contribute to optimistic financial, social and environmental change. He manages £1.6 billion across the property. He increased his loans to £723.5m in 2021.
Who can join the Alliance?

To ensure that banks become potential members, they must comply with “value-based banking rules” and adhere to a comprehensive set of standards. Although members may not meet all standards, we rely on and monitor progress over time. GABV members complete an evaluation form containing quantitative and qualitative data which is submitted to the GABV Board for approval. This dashboard is updated every year. However, this does not mean members perform a move/fail evaluation, but reasonably a chance to offer suggestions when requested or deemed necessary.

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