Big Brothers Big Sisters Receive Historic Gift

(KNSI) – The Big Brothers Big Sisters of central Minnesota have 1.5 million reasons to smile right now. The organization celebrates the largest donation in its history, donated by Mackenzie Scott.

The ex-wife of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has made charitable giving a priority in recent years. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota executive director Jackie Johnson says it’s more than a gift. Scott does not direct his donations to any particular purpose. Before contributing to a group, she consults with a research firm responsible for determining which organizations deserve support.

Johnson says, “She gives the money to organizations she trusts and aligns with. They did the investigation, so therefore [she’s] trust organizations to make the best decisions.

Johnson details how the gift will be spent. “We have an investment committee that will review this donation and how best to use it to help us achieve our short-term goals. We are also considering launching a $10 million endowment.

Johnson expects announcements to be ready soon regarding the new fall lineup.


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