Political Group

Texas lawmakers define next evolutions in voting rights

Texas lawmakers planned to split into groups to chat with Democratic senators. Meetings were scheduled for Tuesday with Chuck Schumer, the majority leader; Cory Booker from New Jersey; Kirsten Gillibrand from New York; and Alex Padilla from California. They had yet to secure an audience with Senator Kyrsten Sinema of …

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The culture war is a left offensive

The word is now radicalized. So many people feel pushed to the limit and push back. Go to social media sites and search for “school board meeting” adding descriptors such as “explosive”, “outrage” and “chaos”. The parents get up. New York Democrats just picked a former anti-crime cop as their …

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Don’t ban “politics” at work

With growing political polarization and companies measuring the risks of internal employee political activism, some are choosing to ban political speech at work altogether. The authors, experts in speaking out at work, explain the pitfalls of this approach and instead suggest asking a different question: How to support employees and …

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