Detroit Lions Reacts results: Fans confident the organization is on the right track

The hype surrounding the Detroit Lions is as high as it has been for the past decade. The team had a successful second offseason, people across the country fell in love with coaches and players because of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” and approval polls for coach Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes are both over 95%.

On Wednesday, we asked readers to vote in our latest SB Nations React poll, answering the question: Are you sure the Lions are heading in the right direction?

These results are now available, and unsurprisingly, there was a clear and definitive answer:

An overwhelming majority of 95% of the votes, once again.

It’s hard to blame the fans for their faith in the organization. There has been tangible and visible evidence of improvement on the pitch, consistent national praise for their ability to add talent – particularly in the draft -, and the personalities of the individuals in power are likable and easy going. to root.

In the big picture of where the organization wants to be, they’re still a long way off, but that’s not unexpected for the second year of a full rebuild. Yes, there will be challenges this season, and yes, there will be tough losses and unexpected disappointments, but that’s the nature of where they are.

There will also surely be moments of pure joy, and likely new levels of success that haven’t been seen in years. And in early September, with Week 1 of Campbell/Holmes’ second season at the helm, the organization appears to be headed in the right direction.

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