Downing Street apologizes to the Queen for the holidays on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral – live | Politics

After laying low for a few days, Boris Johnson was forced to appear in broad daylight to answer questions from the Prime Minister and was eventually forced to provide an explanation as to why he attended the Downing Street party on May 20, 2020.

First, he half-heartedly and insincerely apologized for any wrongdoing that people might have perceived from him. Not for breaking the law and lying to parliament and the country.

Then he got to the party details. Or rather the party that wasn’t a party. What we were asked to believe was that Johnson was one of the dumbest men alive and he didn’t notice he was at a party until he be alerted by a leak in the press more than 18 months later.

Here is the timeline. He certainly hadn’t authorized or read the e-mail inviting everyone to No. 10 to the party – why would he bother with anything sent by his principal private secretary? – and the “we” in the invitation in no way implied that it could have come from the prime minister.

Then, by pure coincidence, he had wandered downstairs to where the party was being held. Once there, he did a double take and just assumed it was a “work event.” After all, it was only normal to find trestle tables in the garden filled with sausage rolls and booze and people getting worked up at business events.

The fact that his wife had also been there with two friends only reinforced his impression that this was a business event. So did the complaints from some of the administrative staff the next day about having to clean up the voids in the flowerbeds.

Alarmingly, his cabinet – with the exception of Rishi Sunak – is just as dark as he seemed quite comfortable with such obvious bullshit. Number 10 was a special case, they said, because it was both a home and an office. Well, my mom’s nursing home too and nobody partied there.

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