Federal elections have yet to start, but parties are campaigning

While the prime minister’s office insists the recent round of government announcements is simply the status quo, major parties appear to be in the midst of pre-election mode as their leaders deploy across the country to meet with voters.

Experts say they’re not surprised that minority governments tend to last around two years and prefer to call an election when they see the conditions right to win a majority. If recent polls are to be believed, this is the position the Liberals find themselves in today.

“No government has found itself in the unique situation that we are experiencing today, where a country has just gone through a … pandemic and there is a climate of positivity, of relief, coming,” said Conservative strategist Tim Powers at CBC. New.

“Every politician looks for winning conditions and when you have the power, like the Prime Minister does, to call an election, you get A + on the winning conditions right now. I would be shocked if we are not in an election to some time in August. “

In recent times, the three major national federal political parties have been making their leaders known to voters, testing policy announcements and working on campaign logistics.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has hosted two events in Quebec this week and is scheduled to make a short tour of eastern Canada next week.

Trudeau is on vacation the first week of August. Sources told CBC News that Liberal Party staff members have been asked to ensure their vacation is over and that they will be back in Ottawa on August 9.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole visited Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan this week and is scheduled to tour parts of Atlantic Canada next week, although a spokesperson party said those plans could change.

An NDP spokesperson said the party assumed an election call was imminent and would keep Leader Jagmeet Singh on the road to attend events until the call came.

Singh is touring southwestern Ontario this week before heading to Alberta to visit the Calgary Stampede on Saturday and Edmonton on Sunday.

The following week, Singh will be in Ottawa to meet with his caucus before hitting the road again for a two-week trip through northern Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut.

The NDP spokesperson said the party’s campaign plan is in place and its plane and bus will be ready to roll by early August.

“It’s very common to have almost these tries,” NDP strategist Kathleen Monk told CBC News.

“What the parties are trying to do right now is a test message, a test framing. Each party is trying to phrase the ballot issue and trying to make sure it is seen in those constituencies of the battlefield. . “

Monk said parties are also trying to put together videos and photographs now that they could use during the campaign. She said Singh’s crew shot footage of him when he was in British Columbia last week, just as Trudeau employees did in North Vancouver around the same time.

Powers said that O’Toole’s trip out west this week got him quickly to safe Conservative ridings so he could focus on Ontario and Quebec, where he really needs to. gain seats.

“You also go to areas of the country where you need support, you do the work you need to do, you go to places you might not go during the campaign because you have to focus. on other key areas, “Powers says.

In the past 30 days, the Liberal Party’s Facebook account for Trudeau has spent $ 112,619 on advertising, while the party’s stand-alone account has spent an additional $ 53,616 on Facebook ads.

The NDP has not bought any Facebook ads in the past month, but the Conservatives have spent $ 31,989 on their own ads.

Monk said she was surprised to see such a small ad buy by the Conservatives because the party has been so successful in fundraising. A party spokesperson said Canadians should “stay tuned” because more commercials are coming.

Observers always warn that while they expect an election to be called at the end of the summer, things can change quickly.

“There are a lot of signals, but we never know until Trudeau crosses the street and sits down with the Governor General. Then we go, ”Monk said.

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