Giants Buster Posey will remain in the organization

When San Francisco Giants legend Buster Posey announced his retirement from baseball on Thursday, it was clear he would not move into a big role in the organization, as some people had speculated. While many fans were hopeful Posey would move on to a coaching role, he’s made it clear he won’t.

Posey said he is retiring to spend more time with his family and will return to Georgia, where he and his wife Kristen are from and where much of their family still lives. Something as involved as a coach or a high-ranking member of the front office was clearly out of place.

But Posey said he wanted to stay involved – while somehow avoiding any potential timelines – and didn’t know the capacity yet.

According to John Shea of ​​the San Francisco Chronicle, president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi provided a bit more clarity, and it looks like a new role for Posey is imminent.

Shea quotes Zaidi, who met the media after the reporter, as saying, “We are working on an arrangement to keep Buster in the organization. If he wants to stay connected to the organization, that’s obviously very important to us. I hope we can sort out these details in the next few days.

Shea also reported that Zaidi said that an announcement about Posey’s next role could take place next week and that the Giants are discussing with the league the details of Posey’s $ 3 million buyout, which suggests that the team might like to thank Posey by paying him this. sum.

An advisory role – something Bruce Bochy currently has – would certainly seem like the obvious bet for Posey. It’s pretty vague though, and could go in any direction, with Posey advising on baseball decisions, helping with lead development, or even just working on community engagement and philanthropy. Only time will tell.

Either way, Posey remains a giant, and not just in our hearts.

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