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LANSING, Mich. (AP) – The lame maneuver by Michigan Republicans to weaken voters’ proposed minimum wage and paid sick leave laws was unconstitutional, organizers of the voting initiatives said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The complaint came more than 16 months after the state Supreme Court decreases to issue a rare advisory opinion on the legality of the move, which could have prevented a long legal battle.

In 2018, the GOP-controlled legislature embarked on a controversial and unprecedented “adopt and modify” strategy. To prevent the minimum wage and sick leave ballots from reaching the electorate, after which they would have been much more difficult to change if voters had passed them, lawmakers approved them so that they could be more business-friendly after the election with simple majority votes and the signing of incumbent Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

The lawsuit – filed against Attorney General Dana Nessel in her official capacity at the State Claims Court – says the state constitution prohibits the Legislature from amending an initiative petition it promulgated during the same session. The laws are “null and void,” and the original bills are “in full force,” according to the filing.

A new law gradually increases the state’s minimum wage to $ 12.05 an hour by 2030, instead of $ 12 by 2022, as was originally enacted. The other exempts employers with fewer than 50 employees from the requirement to provide paid sick days, a change that is estimated to leave up to 1 million employees without a benefit, contrary to what has been proposed. It also limits the length of compulsory annual leave for large employers to 40 hours instead of 72 hours.

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