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that of Donald Trump pollster believes he will run for the White House in 2024, with a clear path to victory across five states he lost to Joe biden in 2020: Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Corn Michael cohenTrump’s former lawyer and fixer who just got out of house arrest thinks he won’t.

“His fragile ego can’t stand being seen as a double loser,” Cohen said Monday.

Trump lost the five states in question by narrow margins – defeats he refuses to accept, continuing to promote the lie Biden won through electoral fraud, which led to deadly violence on the U.S. Capitol on the 6th. January.

Politico got a poll poll score from Trump, Tony Fabrice, who said a poll for the former president’s fundraising committee placed him on Biden in all five states, with margins ranging from three points in Georgia to 12 in Michigan.

In recent books on the Trump administration, Fabrizio is described as being willing to give Trump information on polls he didn’t want.

But he told Politico: “Poll after poll clearly shows that … Trump is still the 800 pound gorilla in the world. [Republican party] and would be his candidate in 2024 if he ran.

“This new data clearly shows that today voters in these five key states would be happy to bring Trump back to the White House and send Biden to pack his bags.”

Amid speculation, the White House said Monday that Biden, 79, intends to run for office.

On the same day, Cohen told CNN, “Donald won’t show up. Why? Because above all, he has an incredibly fragile ego. He lost by 9 million votes the first time [actually a little more than 7m]. He will lose more than 9m per second and his fragile ego cannot stand being considered a double loser.

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