LJD Week 2021 | Race in the Workplace: Innovative approaches to foster inclusion

A session co-organized with the World Bank Group Anti-Racism Working Group

The journey to becoming an anti-racist organization is a relatively new direction of travel for many organizations. Long recognized as a political and social imperative, social movements over the past two years have brought the race issue to the forefront of the diversity, equity and inclusion agenda for employers around the world. For those organizations and companies, with a global footprint and a multicultural or international workforce, the call to action has been even stronger.

Promoting racial equity and combating racism and racial discrimination have become strategic goals for leadership. If talking about race – unpacking and understanding the issues – is the first step, then designing innovative programs and interventions should be the next step, supported by policies, practices and systems that are intentionally and continuously revisited and revised. .

Becoming an anti-racist organization is not an end goal: it is an ongoing practice, and practitioners working in this area will need to explore innovative approaches and encourage investments in this area (such as specialized training, surveys). They will also need to clearly articulate and link the business rationale (and, in some cases, the potential business outcomes) for organizations to embark on a race equity process. Like all diversity indicators, tackling workplace challenges in the area of ​​race will require sensitivity and an inclusive engagement strategy.

The session will highlight / explore:

  • Challenges and opportunities to identify the breed

  • Innovative approaches to assess the climate of racial equity

  • Moving from analysis to sustainable action

  • Making space for the race: conflicting diversity priorities

  • Stakeholder engagement and promotion of alliances

  • Link racial equity to organizational values ​​and business outcomes

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