Los Angeles Rams safety Terrell Burgess champions nonprofit Set the Expectation

Terrell began following Tracy and Set The Expectation at the University of Utah. After hearing how powerful Tracy’s presentation was from Sacramento State athletes, Terrell knew he wanted to support the organization. In recognition of the survivors, Terrell wore the teal and purple STE ribbon on his helmet at Reese’s Senior Bowl.

“I’m thrilled to be an STE champion,” Burgess said. “I really admire the work that Brenda and STE do. Honestly, I feel like those affected by sexual and domestic violence are part of an underserved population and as an NFL athlete, I I have a platform that can help – so why am I doing this? For me, it’s just the right thing to do.

Operating as part of the non-profit organization Set The Expectation, the Champions program is a global network of current and former athletes who are dedicated to using the power of their platforms to advocate for agencies and community groups. that serve families and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

“I remember when Terrell first reached out to me in 2019,” Tracy said. “Usually it’s the athletes who have heard me share my story who want to get involved with STE, but for Terrell it’s just about being a good man and a good human. I admire that about him because that most people think you have to be directly affected by sexual and domestic violence, or be close to someone who has, to get involved. It’s an honor to add it to the Champions team and I have no doubt that he will have a significant impact in Los Angeles.

On. December 4, for the My cause my cleats game against the Seattle Seahawks, Burgess will dedicate his cleats to Set The Expectation. After the match, fans will have the opportunity to purchase these custom cleats at auction. Proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit Set The Expectation.

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