Manipur-based organization promotes alternative livelihoods for poppy growers; Distribute Yongchak saplings

A non-profit organization based in Manipur – ‘The New Generation’ has worked tirelessly to initiate efforts to eradicate poppy cultivation and encourage adoption of alternative livelihoods.

Expressing support for the “War on Drugs 2.0” campaign – an initiative to curb poppy production in the state; the organization distributed some Parkia (Yongchak) seedlings to poppy growers in Khamasom Khullen in Ukhrul district.

According to an official statement, the nonprofit noted that “drugs are the enemies of HOPE and AMBITION – and when we fight drugs, we fight for the future.”

Furthermore, the Chief Minister of Manipur – N. Biren Singh also commended the organization for its unwavering efforts.

It should be noted that the Yongchak tree, or popularly called “tree beans”, is a well-known legume in India and Southeast Asia, which is at risk of extinction in the Northeast region. Consequently, the distribution of these young trees will contribute to the conservation of endangered plant species.

Yongchak (Parkia speciosa) can grow over thirty meters tall and grow wildly in the wild. It carries a unique smell, earning it the nickname “stinky bean”.

In Manipur, Yongchak is traditionally used for food, medicine and fodder. The pod is eaten as a vegetable, salad in all stages of development, from tender green pods to ripened black seeds, fresh or sun-dried for later use, out of season.

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