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Unfortunately, no one can escape the cost of living crisis, but for Elaine Wishart it has been particularly difficult as she finds herself between contracts. Elaine, 54, told how she discovered a way to save money by reducing the cost of her food purchases.

She added: “Because I’m a cook, I love it because it’s like Ready, Steady Cook but it’s not for everyone.

“But I love it because I think, ‘What am I going to do, what am I going to do?

The eating club she mentions is in Bristol, but a quick Google search shows there are others across the UK.

These clubs are run by groups of people who pool their time and spending power to save on high-quality, healthy food that is delivered to a drop-off point.

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He told “You literally get fights now between people trying to grab a bargain. I’m not kidding.

“18 months ago it was just the regulars – maybe half a dozen looking for a bargain.

“But now it’s people from all walks of life.

“These people come specifically because they know the only way they can afford to live within their budget is to grab a bargain with a yellow sticker.”

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