Most positive MDC closure audit | State and regional

The report, which will be heard on June 7 and 8 by the Legislative Audit Committee, also suggests that the DPHHS improve data management.

The audit found that most of the clients who left MDC have remained in the same type of placement since then, and it looked at 53 clients who made the switch.

He said many former MDC residents are now benefiting from home and community services. They found that 36 remained in the state, seven were at the IBC, three are incarcerated, three refused service, two went to outside services, and two went to state-run institutions.

A survey of some clients found that 85% said they felt good or very good about leaving MDC, 8% felt bad and 8% felt very bad.

“While most individuals expressed positive feelings about leaving the MDC, several also mentioned that they were missed by friends or staff they had at MDC,” the audit said.

“None of the participants responded that their move had gone badly or very badly,” the listeners wrote.

The survey also found that 75% of those polled felt safe in their home most of the time and 76% said they were happy or very happy, according to the audit.

And the audit indicated that more incidents were reported to MDC than to community providers and found 288 incidents in total at MDC compared to 34 for community providers.

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