Nurses for Newborns Gets New Facility to Help At-Risk Infants

“We have helped around 120,000 families since we started. We want babies to stay alive and healthy during infancy, ”said Melinda Monroe, CEO.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Rummaging through baby clothes, volunteers sort items Tuesday morning, organizing donations for families as part of the Nurses for Newborns program.

All of this is handled in its brand new facility.

This is a new start for an organization that has been in this community for 30 years.

“We have helped around 120,000 families since we started. We want babies to stay alive and healthy during infancy, ”said CEO Melinda Monroe.

To prevent child abuse and infant mortality, nurses visit homes after a baby is born and can stay for up to two years.

That was until COVID-19 hit.

Factors that existed before the pandemic have only increased, such as postpartum depression, unemployment, domestic violence and neglect.

Other problems also arose.

“Food insecurity, families who don’t have enough to eat,” Monroe said.

“A lot of our families were very isolated, they didn’t go to the pediatrician,” said Jennifer Crowell, nurse supervisor.

Fast on the move, Nurses for Newborns added telehealth to continue to provide skills in education, health care and parenting.

In addition, it offers a support system. Remind families of the positive aspects as well.

The organization did not skip a beat.

“Our visits are just as high as they were before COVID,” Crowell said.

The organization shows its true impact and how it can heal a crisis within a crisis.

To continue to provide support, monetary donations are essential for hiring nurses.

“The more nurses we have, the more families we can serve,” said Monroe.

Larger diapers, baby wipes, and new car seats are also needed.

Beyond donations, you can also volunteer. You only need to be 16 years of age or older to sort items and supplies in your office.

Any donation, big or small, can help the smallest members of our community.

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