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Hello, my name is Charlie. I am an adorable, affectionate, acrobatic, playful, sweet, but sometimes scared and stubborn 2 year old cat. I love playing with my humans! I play fetch and I will do aerial flips to catch the toy on a stick. I love to roll forward when being stroked and I love the attention!

I ate specialty food because I get urinary crystals when I eat regular cat food. That’s where my hard head comes in. In my original home, I had another kitty friend and two dog siblings. I got on well with each of them and enjoyed them and their food. (Yes, I swiped the dog food too!) When I ate their food instead of mine, I had urinary issues. When I only eat what I’m supposed to eat… no urinary issues.

My dream house would have no other cats; or if there is…they need their food to be replaced with mine so that I won’t be tempted to eat their “junk food” instead of my healthy food.

I tend to prefer human women to men; and around strangers I turn into a real scary cat. Please also note that I am an indoor cat only. The outside terrifies me, so please don’t try to force me out. I know I’m in trouble, but I know there’s someone out there who will love having me as a furry friend. Please come meet me at the Coconino Humane Association! See some of the other adoptable pets on

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