Rescue Nigeria project is not about forming a new political party – Former Senator Maeba

A former senator who represented Rivers South East in the National Assembly, Lee Maeba, has denied any involvement in any plan to form a new political party.

He described himself as a satisfied member of the People’s Democratic Party, saying he had no reason to partner with anyone to create a new party.

Maeba, who spoke to our correspondent on the phone on Wednesday, was reacting to media reports that he and other politicians unveiled a new political party in Abuja on Tuesday, the Rescue Nigeria Project.

The media quoted a former chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Professor Attahiru Jega; a distinguished Nigerian professor of political economy, Pat Utomi; a former governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke; a former governor of Kwara State, Abdulfatah Ahmed; Professor Tunde Adeniran; Dr Usman Bugaje; Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo; and Maeba as some of the promoters of the new party.

But Maeba said the platform was not meant to establish a new political party, but to discuss good governance.

He said no one raised the issue of forming a political party at the rally.

The former senator said he suspected the rally was being infiltrated by those spreading the story of the formation of a new party.

He said: “The majority of us are PDP members. In fact, some of us who were there insisted that we had to close earlier because they are members of the PDP Zoning Committee and a meeting was underway at the time.

“I have been a member of the PDP since 1998 and I have no other party. If I haven’t joined APC, what is the need to train another?

“I did not discuss the formation of a new party. It was my first time attending the meeting. When I saw the names of the people involved, I was drawn to the discussions on good governance. I am a defender of good governance.

“It was a seminar and the theme was good governance. Even the organizer, Usman Bugaje, who called, did not mention a political party.

“What they were talking about was good governance and how to strengthen political parties to ensure good governance, that’s all. No one mentioned a party.

“There are ways to form a political party. The organization will apply to INEC, they must put signatures. Is my signature on any paper? There was nothing like it.

“We think the place has been infiltrated because how can a discourse on good governance become a discourse on party formation?

“I did not attend any meeting with anyone to form a political party because I am a satisfied member of the PDP. The party is doing well in my state and the governor is doing very well. So why am I going to start forming another party? ”

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