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Earning extra money in retirement is a priority for many, some of whom consider the state pension or their own savings too little to support themselves. Others will seek to keep busy later in life and stay fulfilled.

This was the case of Sylvia Haller, a 70-year-old retired social worker who converted to the profession of handyman.

When Ms Haller was made redundant, she had to find a way to supplement her pension income.

Anxious not to be bored in retirement, she wanted to put her skills to use, and decided to embark on a crush, using the Taskrabbit platform.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: ‘I’ve been working all my adult life. In Germany, I studied social pedagogy and worked in various projects with disadvantaged children, homeless families and victims of domestic violence for more than 15 years.

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It also, of course, provided her with some of the skills and knowledge she uses today.

Her previous job also required her to do safety inspections for electrical appliances in homes, which means she can help people who need that kind of support.

When she received 100% excellent feedback, her rates improved month by month and there was an increase in work.

Ms. Haller described a deep sense of job satisfaction that she was able to derive from her work in the manual trades.

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Although she sometimes feels tired, she states that she is always happy.

The retired scammer encouraged others to consider earning extra income this way, potentially through TaskRabbit.

She continued, “I would recommend this path to other people, and you don’t have to be good at DIY or electrical work like me.

“There are a range of categories people can sign up for to offer their skills, including organizing and cleaning.

“I think it’s great for older people, especially women, because it’s a great way to improve your monthly income and stay active.

“You can stay in touch with society and feel useful, avoiding boredom and loneliness. Everyone is good at something!

Taskrabbit now says it has seen a 60% increase in bookings in the last year alone and has introduced the service to all postcodes in Britain.

Like Ms Haller, Britons can register as self-employed to help people in their local community who need help with household chores.

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