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A multitude of companies are helping to reduce capital expenditure, reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. (Shutterstock)

In engineering and manufacturing, efficiency is paramount, especially in tough economic circumstances.

Fortunately, a host of companies are developing products and services that can reduce capital expenditures, reduce energy consumption, and help make things run more smoothly and efficiently. This is good news for the bottom line and for the planet.

Throughout this week, we’ve heard of companies offering smart software and hardware that allows engineers to access machine data from anywhere; energy efficient compressors; and software that can help create innovative materials.

Click on the links below to learn more about cutting-edge projects that are helping to create a more sustainable future.

Evolve a herd of industrial network dinosaurs into a sleek fleet of starships

Or in other words…turning unconnected legacy equipment into smart, industrial IoT-ready assets.

How to Access Machine or Manufacturing Data from Anywhere with OPC UA

You can do this without major infrastructure investment, even in the cloud.

The most energy efficient compressor ever built

Launched at the perfect time to help counter rising electricity prices, the GA VSDS compressor offers an average energy saving of 60%.

Bio-fabrication of building materials from fungi with Solidworks

Biohm inspires the transformation of the construction industry with radical approaches to construction that encourage a sustainable and circular future.

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