Tumwater is considering new logo designs for the city

By Jerome Tuaño

Town of Tumwater staff presented new logos to the General Government Committee for discussion yesterday 12 October.

The city’s communications manager, Ann Cook, presented several logo concepts. Members of the committee did not approve any design, but deliberated most on a design showing Tumwater’s brewing tower alongside the river. Committee members suggested de-emphasizing the tower and highlighting the river.

“I just don’t like the idea of ​​our logo being all about the brew tower,” said board member Joan Cathey. “I don’t think of that when I think of the Tumwater. I’m thinking more about nature… Tumwater is not a building town.

Council member Michael Althauser added, “If we didn’t have that river there, there wouldn’t be a brew tower. I think [I] like the prominence of the river because the river is the reason a lot of these things happened.

“But I still think the Brew Tower is important,” Althausaer clarified, “because I think it kind of symbolizes the future that we hope to shape.”

The current logo was adopted in the mid-1980s and features a historic-style image and a narrow interpretation of the culture and history of the city’s current community, according to a document prepared by city staff for the meeting.

“When we talk about the future of our organization, and where we want to be and where we’re going, the picture doesn’t quite match the story,” said City Administrator John Doan. “It served the city well for a while. Now we are in a new space and a new time, and we have to move forward in a particular way.

Finalizing the artwork for the new logo will cost less than $5,000, according to documents prepared by city staff. Other logo concepts will be presented at a City Council working session on November 7.

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